First Date Confections truly are desserts with benefits.

Let them delight you from first sight to first bite!


Organic Cocao Butter

Antioxidant and magnesium rich


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Medium-chain fatty acids, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, boosts "good cholesterol"


Organic Medjool Dates

Dietary fibre, iron, vitamin A, magnesium, B-vitamins


Organic Sunflower Seeds

High in magnesium, selenium, vitamin E


Organic Lucuma

South American fruit with naturally occurring beta-carotene, niacin, iron


Organic Turmeric



Organic Matcha

Antioxidant rich


Organic Carob

Mediterranean pod high in A and B-vitamins, fiber, selenium 


85 % Cacao Dark Chocolate

Antioxidant rich, source of iron, magnesium, and calcium


Organic Vanilla beans

Trace minerals, B-vitamins, and elegant flavor


Organic Maldon Sea Salt

Collection of trace minerals with wonderfully complex flavor

Antioxidants          Minerals            Delicious Taste